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I've just published a blog post on the official website: project status, future news, BlenderArt Magazine feature and we're hiring a part-time coder!

Check it out over here…

#js #javascript #gamedev #indie #baas #phaser #lazer #job
Heya! I've recently made a mailing list in order to keep fans up to date with the project.
Now I'm striving to build an audience, will submit a new article once there are 50 subscribers.
Subscribe today, just go over here and enter your email address in your field.
There's no spam and I'll try to keep a steady pace with the articles, one every few months or so at least.
[Repost from the Projects forum… ]

Hello! I have a collaborative project and I would like more icons in this style…

They should be 50x50 pixels and having a small animation, pick one of the units here and make the icon with it's head…

If you charge, let me know how much. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Hey guys! If you're into (competitive) gaming (e sports), moba (dota2) and other nerdy stuff,  then this is the movie for you!
It's about the Dota2 world championship which had the grand prize no less than 1,6 Million Dollars! That's even more than lots of sport competitions offer.

You can watch it on youtube or get it on download it on Steam for free…

Enjoy and let me know what you think about the movie! I'll make some more recommendations in the near future along the lines :-)
We're giving away all the awesome HumbleBundle FrozenByte steam games and extra:
- Shadowgrounds
- Trine
- Shadowgrounds Survivor
- Trine 2  Complete Story
- awesome sound tracks

For a chance to win go over here at simply retweet to enter…

You're free to use multiple twitter accounts to increase your chances. We'll probably do more raffles soon so keep an eye out :)