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There will be a 0.2 release in about 2 weeks. I want to celebrate that by having more artists draw one of more of the 50 creatures from the game, see the bestiary or media sections

(Tip: in bestiary you can click the progress widgets under the cards in order to find higher resolution artwork or lineart)

So if having fun drawing those neat beasts isn't enough, there's more to it, just check out the list below! ;)

* the drawings will rewarded with about 20 dA points (less or more!)
* will be featured on the website's fan art section… (or artwork section if really good!)
* on twitter
* on facebook
* on G+…
* in a nice youtube video, along with your username and link (that will also show up on the website)
* in the official dA group

So now's your chance for a bit of fame and fortune!
Quality contributors will get commissioned for more work.…

Best Regards,
Vali (project leader)
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Submitted on
March 12, 2013


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