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Hello all!
We've redesigned from scratch our foundation's website recently and with this occasion we took the time to set up a twitter account for the project and for the foundation… besides our facebook pages.
Also, we now have a forum board and we did some initial coding on Ancient Beast's upcoming website.

We want to create a community for our project and have the development more open, keeping people up to date on what's going on, so feel free to go to and register.

We would appreciate if you could digg this article for us… - if for whatever reason you don't have an account, registration is straight forward.

If you never heard of digg before, it's a nice and democratic way of keeping up with latest news in various fields. And a tip: it has rss feeds for each category, so you can subscribe with Google Reader in order not to have to check the website each time

Hope we'll have your support because we're doing a lot of work. Pretty soon I'll start uploading some stuff related to the project myself, as I model quite a lot of interesting creatures.

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Submitted on
May 12, 2010